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Truphone: international calling solutions for the corporate traveller

Truphone knows that communication is key for corporate travellers and has created a mobile phone service that ensures optimum connectivity

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With Truphone calling a contact from a different country is easy and cost effective 

The internet and the explosion of mobile devices have changed the way we communicate globally. More than that though, they’ve changed expectations of how we should communicate. When it’s possible to call across the world in an instant, we expect that we should all be available in an instant too, no matter what.

Yet, despite technological breakthroughs, there’s still a gap between our expectations and reality. The internet may lead us to expect ubiquitous communication, but as soon as we travel abroad it can become difficult to keep in touch.

Business travellers often suffer the most from these issues. Forced to find ways to adapt, many come to rely on wi-fi connections or second SIMs – solutions that limit communication further and make staying connected an inconvenience of SIM, password and bill juggling.

However, there is one mobile operator that is overcoming these limitations: Truphone. Truphone, the world’s only global mobile network without country borders, uses patented technology to close the gap between expectations and reality. With Truphone, business travellers are more productive and more available when they travel – and they can always rely on Truphone’s global service.

Introducing Truphone
Truphone has a lot in common with traditional mobile operators. It uses the same radio masts and provides coverage in over 200 countries around the world. However, where traditional mobile operators connect local networks and then struggle to communicate across country borders, Truphone’s unified infrastructure has no such limitations. This makes it the only mobile network operator in the world that doesn’t restrict your business to the borders of your home country.

Instead, Truphone’s unified global infrastructure expands your reach to cover every country where it operates its own network – currently the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. This is the Truphone Zone.

Travelling within the Truphone Zone is just like being at home. That means there are no roaming charges, call quality is improved and data is more reliable. This is particularly advantageous for international business travellers, making them more productive by ensuring communication is crystal clear, reliable and cost-effective.

At a time when CCMI research shows exorbitant roaming costs have motivated 40 percent of large businesses to either forbid or curtail travellers’ mobile usage, the fact that Truphone removes roaming fees within the Truphone Zone is especially valuable. It means travellers remain a part of their workforce wherever they are in the Truphone Zone, because communication is no longer limited by cost.

Research shows this doesn’t just make travellers more productive, but also makes international travel less stressful too. Even now, inability to keep in touch with family and work friends while abroad is one of the biggest complaints for business travellers, but Truphone’s approach eliminates that problem to the benefit of both businesses and individuals.

It’s not just international travellers that become more productive thanks to Truphone’s unique approach. Truphone’s global bundles also improve productivity for managers by making it easier to oversee usage. Bundles include a single allowance of minutes, megabytes and messages that work across the entire Truphone Zone and can be both shared across large teams and customised to suit individuals. Truphone’s range of regional add-ons ensure tariffs can be adapted to the needs of each business, supporting users and empowering them to do great work all around the world.

Bringing you closer
With unique patented technology, Truphone also bridges the gap between reality and expectation in ways no other operator can replicate. Customers can have multiple international numbers on one SIM, so you can have a number for every country in the Truphone Zone all on one handset. These numbers are always active and are centralised to a single voicemail account, so you never miss a call.

It also ensures global contacts can always call a local number and get in touch at local rates. If you’ve got an Australian number with Truphone then it doesn’t matter if you’re in Sydney or Southampton, your contacts down under can always get hold of you on a local number. That means better sound quality, faster connections and no international charges – all of which encourages closer communication.

Truphone’s patented Smart Caller ID technology even assists in this process by automatically ensuring contacts see the right number for them. Call a colleague in the US and Smart Caller ID will make sure they see your American number, so they always know the best number to ring you back on.

Truphone’s technology doesn’t just offer local calls to others though. Every call within the Truphone Zone is treated as a local call. This eliminates the barrier of cost and ensures business travellers can always get in touch with contacts throughout the zone.

It’s no wonder new Truphone users make and receive an average of seven times more calls to other countries. It’s a figure that’s only likely to rise as the Truphone Zone continues to expand, with Germany, Spain and Poland all joining the Zone by the end of 2013.

A global experience
As the Truphone Zone continues to expand, so does the scope of Truphone’s global customer service. Truphone’s dedicated business support team isn’t just available from anywhere in the world, but is also available around the clock and in different languages.

In fact, Truphone will stop at nothing to provide the level of service modern businesses expect. Land in Hong Kong and have a problem with your SIM? A Truphone representative is on their way to help with a new SIM already loaded with your old number – a truly unique service experience that demonstrates how committed Truphone is to improving the way we all communicate, and to finally aligning twenty-first-century expectations with reality.

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