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Paracelsus Recovery: addition treatment for the wealthy

Paracelsus Recovery in Zurich, Switzerland, is committed to delivering the world’s highest quality addiction treatment, one client at a time

The reception area of the Paracelsus Recovery offices in Zurich. The organisation recognises the importance of catering for the wealthy when it comes to addiction treatment
The reception area of the Paracelsus Recovery offices in Zurich. The organisation recognises the importance of catering for the wealthy when it comes to addiction treatment 

All addicts, regardless of wealth or status, deserve quality treatment. However, while this fundamental philosophy of drug and alcohol treatment applies to addicts from all segments of the population, it is surprising how often the wealthiest addicts find themselves being overlooked. Paracelsus Recovery, a private, exclusive addiction recovery centre in Switzerland, is therefore determined to provide the best possible treatment for addicts from prosperous backgrounds.

The idea that rich addicts require specialised care gives reason for skepticism among those who believe that an unlimited bank account can buy happiness. However, such stereotypes about wealth and power may in fact be contributing to the shame and secrecy that can delay much-needed treatment. When money is no object, it becomes easier for people to deny problems and continue living life in the fast lane. While wealthy people are more likely to have built-in support systems that guard their privacy and safety around the clock, this can mean that well-meaning friends, family or business associates can look the other way as problems escalate and lives spiral out of control.

Although all treatment centres have an obligation to provide their clients with the best care possible, the needs of the wealthy and influential are often grossly misunderstood. This means that even the costliest treatment centres may in fact not be delivering the highly individualised care that their visitors require. Addressing the problems of affluent men and women with demanding lifestyles requires skilled clinicians who understand cultural differences, as well as the complications that come with wealth and power.

It is surprising how often the wealthiest addicts find themselves being overlooked

Specialised recovery
Like many treatment centres, Paracelsus Recovery implements a holistic, ‘one at a time’ approach that treats body, mind and soul. What makes its treatment unique, however, is an emphasis on restoring balance to brain chemistry that has been thrown off kilter by several years of addiction and poor self-care.

Paracelsus Recovery claims that the restoration of a healthy biochemistry can reduce or eliminate the cravings, depression and anxiety that often accompany withdrawal and can block the path to full recovery. As such the treatment, which is supervised by a molecular biologist, involves a personalised nutrition and intravenous detox plan and a tailor-made mix of vitamins, micronutrients and amino acids that set the route for improvements in cognitive skills and emotional and physical health. Special attention is paid to inflammatory processes, gut health and the immune system.

Claiming to be the world’s most exclusive addiction treatment provider, Paracelsus Recovery’s commitment to the absolute privacy and confidentiality of its international clientele begins from the moment of arrival. Each client is greeted at the airport and transported by limousine to a partner clinic for a comprehensive physical exam, biochemical testing and psychiatric assessment. For clients who require it, medically supervised detox minimises the intensity of withdrawal and eliminates the occurrence of any dangerous side effects.

Treatment, which generally lasts two to eight weeks, carries a price tag of €65,000 per week. For their money, clients are able to access a team of physicians and addiction professionals who provide care according to an individualised treatment schedule. To enhance traditional, evidence-based treatment, clients also have access to a variety of complementary therapies, including bio-resonance, EMDR, acupuncture, yoga, reflexology, massages and modern methods of brain and body scanning and stimulation.

Therapy takes place in discretely located, luxurious living quarters that are chosen by the client, with options including a modern penthouse, lakeside villa, or classical old-town manor. These specialist living arrangements ensure that Paracelsus’ clients are offered the luxuries and conveniences that they are used to and comfortable with. An addiction therapist lives in the residence and a butler, chef, limousine driver and housekeeper are always on hand to ensure that clients are at ease and can experience the smoothest recovery possible.

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