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World-class wings

Personalised concierge service, private boarding and exquisite fine dining. Not a detail is spared when it comes to the quality of service provided by Air Canada, our Best Charter Airline Company, North America, 2012, for its Jetz service


The glamour of flying is far from gone. With Air Canada Jetz, VIP air travel is being redefined. The award-winning private jet service goes above and beyond the quality of everyday executive travel to offer exclusive, tailored details that add a real touch of panache. In flight since 2001, Air Canada Jetz has hosted a long guest list of high-profile clients, such as all seven Canadian National Hockey League (NHL) teams, as well as five American NHL teams, including last year’s Stanley Cup winners, the Los Angeles Kings. In true rock star style, the airline has also provided charter services for legendary rock bands, and many corporate clients.

It’s all in the details
There is a reason professional sports teams, celebrities and corporate elites count on
Air Canada Jetz: it is an experience unlike any other. From the moment the flight is
booked to the moment of your arrival, a dedicated team manages and tends to every detail of each journey, whether near or far.

Each discreet travel experience with Jetz can begin with a private terminal followed by glide through check-in and boarding with the help of an exclusive Concierge Agent. Once on board, each flight features unparalleled luxurious amenities. The special plane configuration consists of spacious Executive Class seats to stretch out and relax in, two large tables that are ideal as a workspace, and a vast selection of in-flight entertainment.

While the seats are cosy, there is added comfort in knowing that on board each jet is a specially selected crew from Air Canada.

In Flight Services and a mechanic from Air Canada Technical Services. Having a dedicated team available 24/7 helps passengers reach their destinations with peace of mind.

Flights for foodies
In-flight cuisine on a Jetz aircraft is first rate. Clients may choose from a personalised menu based on their individual tastes or make specific culinary requests from a restaurant wish list. Each appetite is catered to and served in style. Complementing each gourmet meal is an impressive choice of wines, spirits and beverages to suit even the most selective of palates.

After more than a decade of providing this premium service, Air Canada has been honoured with the Best Business Charter Airline Company in North America, 2012 award in the annual Business Destinations Travel Awards. The awards highlight those companies whose products and services represent the absolute best in the business travel industry.

With its current fleet of five A320 and one A319 aircrafts, Jetz continues to offer a superior VIP, personalised Executive Class service that raises the bar in elite business travel. The
Air Canada Jetz private jet service is an experience unlike any other, tailored to the individual way you like to travel.

“Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has used Air Canada Jetz on a number of occasions in recent years to fly, in particular, some very high profile music touring acts on their North American tours. Air Canada Jetz on each occasion delivered fantastic bespoke service, highly experienced and professional crews and immaculate aircraft.”
Julie Black, Manager VIP and Executive Charters (O.K., Europe), Chapman Freeborn Airchartering

“Our relationship with Air Canada Jetz has been tremendous. They consistently exude class and professionalism, and their dedication is unparalleled. The Kings are very pleased to utilise this world-class provider.”
Peter Mazur, Vice President, Finance, Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club

“The cooperation, customisation and execution of our goals and objectives have always been exceeded by the Jetz team. The crew is a valuable extension of our team and therefore a vital part of our overall client travel experience. We are always challenging the limits of what we can accomplish on your aircraft and we are extremely grateful at the sensitivity and professionalism that is displayed in providing us with the service we require.”
Angelo Kioussis, President at The Traveller Inc

Further information: email: john.hodder@aircanada.ca; Tel: 416 471 0725; www.aircanada.com/jetz

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