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Sourcing reputable executive travel chauffeurs

Chauffeur services must provide top-level service, driven by a competitive market


‘Time is Money’, as the saying goes. As any busy professional will tell you, the trick to being successful is learning how to utilise every moment of the working day effectively. As a result, executives are always keen to minimise time-wasting activities, such as standing in airport queues or driving to meetings, instead opting to use travel time more efficiently by hiring a limousine or executive chauffeur service. This allows important phone calls to be made, documents to be read and e-mails checked, away from the demands of the office and without the distractions of negotiating traffic or finding parking.

Finding a reliable, discreet and flexible executive chauffeur service that will get you to your destination in style and on time, wherever you are in the world, can be tricky. Personal assistants know only too well how difficult it can be to source reputable chauffeurs for their bosses, especially when they are travelling abroad and when language and time differences can make communications problematic. The seasoned PA will know that, besides excellent organisational skills and the ability to maintain composure under pressure, the next most important weapons to have in one’s arsenal are contacts and knowledge.

So, who can one turn to for advice about arranging executive travel? Besides word of mouth, consulting specialist publications can help, as can becoming a member of a concierge service. Other noteworthy sources of information include the British Chauffeurs Guild, which not only trains potential chauffeurs and security staff, but also helps to maintain standards within the UK industry through their code of conduct and chauffeurs manual.

Like many taxi firms, most chauffeur companies tend to be fairly localised. This is because much of their reputation and service excellence is derived from local area knowledge and relationships built up with clients and businesses within their community over a long period of time. This is fine for short-term travel, but of course, some corporate executives often have to make international business trips several times a year. So, are there any global executive chauffeur services that can provide assistance in these instances?

As it happens, there are a handful of elite concierge services and corporate travel agents with a network of worldwide partners that can help. The good ones will be able to assist with private jet chartering, as well as personal security hire. The very best also provide a high-end concierge service that can facilitate VIP access to exclusive entertainment venues, country clubs and even sought-after sporting events, depending on your individual requirements.

Things you will want to look out for, besides a fleet of immaculate luxury cars and polite white-glove style service, are thoughtful, but time-saving extras such as a phone app that allows you to book a car on the hoof, perfect for when your plane is delayed or you have a last-minute trip scheduled. Some limousine and executive chauffeur services will also offer to email your smart phone or PDA device just prior to collection, as well as provide you with your driver’s name and mobile phone details, so that you do not waste time waiting around for them to arrive or trying to locate them.

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