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Exotic flare

With world-renowned designers at the helm of a sophisticated renovation, it’s easy to see why The Marmara Taksim IS THE Best Luxury Hotel in Turkey, 2011


The Marmara Taksim, an Istanbul landmark, has re-opened its doors after a dazzling renovation. It carries the signature of world-renowned designer and interior decorator Dan Kwan and gives a modern flare to traditional Turkish art and culture.

Dan Kwan – on the impressive roster at the world-renowned architecture firm Wilson Associates – was the creative maestro behind the design of the restaurant and hotel. He brings forth the important role of The Marmara Taksim as a landmark through a strong emphasis on local Turkish motifs and culture. Kwan incorporates the vibrant colours of Ottoman Kaftans (robes) into every aspect of the hotel. While the red ambience of the Lobby evokes warm feelings of passion, love and desire, it also highlights its formal sleek and chic black look. The blue tones used in the conference rooms evoke an air of wisdom and dignity. Synonymous with the Taksim district, music is the main décor theme that is reflected in each local artist’s work of art. One of the most prominent examples of this local art is the whirling-dervish-inspired revolving glass object that greets guests at the entrance of the hotel. The stone, wood and other materials used in the décor give it an unrivalled natural and fresh feel. Serene Bosphorus blues can be found in the conference rooms, and the energetic shades of the city come together in the Lobby, while the cosy tones of Turkish coffee dominate Tuti Restaurant and the warm colours of sunset come to life on the Tuti Terrace.

Inspired by the harvest and autumn seasons, with the use of blue and brown tones, Dan Kwan gives guests the feeling that they are in the comfort of their own homes. Tuti Restaurant is brought to life with colours that include masculine browns, prestigious golds, fresh blues and mysterious blacks. With its five-star “street food” concept, the Tuti Restaurant’s Turkish motif partition and natural wood furniture treats guests to a completely authentic dining experience. Poetry and prose are also served up through The Marmara Taksim’s renewed kitchen and dishes.

Guests who want to experience a stylish blend of international standards with a rooted modern Turkish identity will be welcome at The Marmara Taksim. With its 376 rooms and suites and breathtaking views of the Bosphorus, Golden Horn and the cityscape, The Marmara Taksim is proud to continue to welcome its guests in the heart of the city. Organising business meetings is always a pleasure at The Marmara Taksim, and the hotel offers the luxury and comfort of a deluxe five -star hotel combined with the latest in conference and meeting technologies.

The Marmara Taksim + 90 212 334 83 00

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