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Boot camp never felt so good

Bovey Castle, built in 1907, epitomises the generous extravagance of the early twentieth century era and January 2011 sees it become home to one of the UK’s most opulent ways to lose weight

Oh, Jamaica!

Celebrated for its site-specific approach that draws on Jamaican healing traditions and indigenous therapies, Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon is our Best Luxury Spa for 2010; by Emma Holmqvist

Free your mind

Nestled in the white sands of Salcette’s Utorda Beach,
this luxury resort in Goa provides a perfect escape

R&R in the Maldives

Josh Sims takes it easy in a dream destination benefiting from a recent capital injection and promotion drives


A spa culture like no other

These days, no luxury hotel worth its five stars dare open its doors without providing sumptuous spa facilities. But although the health and fitness phenomenon is relatively new to the tourism business, the people of Budapest have known about it for centuries, says David Neville Williams

Spa turn

Tailor your spa break to Prague with our cities guide

Spas – three spas to discover

The popularity of spa breaks never seems to diminish, and treating yourself to some globe-spanning pampering can only be a fantastic experience