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Expanding the Panama Canal

After one hundred years in operation, the Panama Canal remains one of the world’s most vital shipping routes. But as vessels grow, so too must the centennial waterway

Riga: Europe’s new cultural capital

If there are any signs Latvia faced a crisis only half a decade ago, they cannot be found on the cobbled streets of Riga. The city has now joined the euro and been selected as European Capital of Culture 2014


South Korea’s hi-tech city: Songdo

South Korea’s Songdo International Business District has reinvented city living with its avant-garde infrastructure ideas; even rubbish collection in Songdo is hi-tech, finds Rita Lobo

Wild nights

Hotels, however luxurious, can be isolating. In the forests and gorges of Scandinavia, resourceful lodgings bring nature within, reconnecting guests with their surroundings



For thousands of years, the ancient city of Chengdu has been China’s most resilient hub for trade and culture, and, as the city expands skyward, the rest of the world is finally beginning to take notice


River beds

Modern-day adventurers have tended to shy away from the clunky cruise ship. Now, the exuberant luxury of Europe’s boutique river boats are luring them back onto the continent’s mighty waterways

Extreme getaways

More people are using holiday time to chase thrills over the edge of a cliff or deep underwater, flirting with danger for a rush of endorphins like no other. Here we suggest some unusual sports to push this summer’s holiday to the extreme


A desert sanctuary

Jordan is a uniquely liberal destination surrounded by political instability. Business Destinations discovers how the country manages to remain the oasis in a tumultuous desert

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The French capital has long been the enigmatic muse of architects, artists and authors. Business Destinations delves into its lasting and radical creative impact