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A fresh Latin American site for conferences, exhibitions, and meetings in the midst of impressive landscapes, Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico is emerging as a strong contender in the events market


The Centre of Events of the Pacific Valley (CEVP) – located in Cali near the Colombian Pacific coast, the world’s most efficient region for sugar cane production – was designed to host events, in a setting influenced by nature. CEVP’s architecture and location were specially chosen to take advantage of the sunlight. It streams in, illuminating hallways and pavilions, while the Pacific breeze ensures a pleasant environment. It has gained our recognition as Best Meetings and Conference Centre, South America, 2013.

A cool afternoon breeze, year-round balmy weather, salsa dancing and welcoming smiles make Cali a unique experience for any guest. Cali was recently ranked 21st place in the Traveller’s Choice Destinations Awards 2013 – one of the most popular destinations in South America. Visitors like Roberto Cavalli, Italian fashion designer, express charmingly: “I am in love with Cali and with the smile of all Colombians, thanks for so much affection Cali, I will come back to you soon.”

CEVP, in its convenient location, is one of the largest and most modern multifunctional spaces in Latin America. A combination of open space and cosy corners creates the right atmosphere to inspire great ideas and  successful business. In the words of OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza, during the sixth Forum for Competitiveness in the Americas: “I have been three times to Cali and once again I reassert its relevance to Colombia. This event positions Cali highly in the continent. Everything was perfectly organised – you have an outstanding meeting centre.”

Easy to set up for any event, CEVP hosts fairs, exhibitions, meetings, congresses, assemblies, forums, panels, concerts, parades and cultural, social, and sporting events. It is also a transitory free trade zone, granting foreign contractors wide possibilities. Its location between the international airport and the city centre means it is ideal for international guests. But most importantly, a professional team will do everything possible to make your event a success.

The city is renowned as the capital of salsa dancing, with shows and academies attracting visitors from every continent

CEVP consists of 130,000sq ft, subdivided into two large rooms. One is fitted to hold five simultaneous meetings and the other is suitable for commercial exhibitions with a maximum capacity of 220 booths. It has a central square with a pool and a fountain resembling the Pacific Ocean, four business rooms on its second floor, an entrance plaza, press areas, VIP lounges, backstage, nursing and other functional spaces. Together, its maximum capacity is 14,000 attendees or, for commercial exhibitions, 500 booths.

An emerging destination
Cali is a fascinating place, with tradition and culture drawn from every area of its multi-ethnic population. Its gastronomy is full of flavours, fusions and contrasts. The city is renowned as the capital of salsa dancing, with shows and academies attracting visitors from every continent.

The Financial Times ranked Cali among the top ten cities with superior foreign investment strategies in Latin America. It is not a coincidence that in 2013 it hosted the seventh presidential summit of the Pacific Alliance, formed of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, aiming to be an economic block comprising 36 percent of Latin American GDP, with goals of free trade and economic integration. Cali has just celebrated The World Games 2013 with 4,000 visiting athletes in 31 disciplines and 112 countries represented, some of whom have Olympic aspirations. The city is also preparing to receive afro-descendent officials from all over the world in their third summit. Recently, Cali’s Rapid Bus Transit system was awarded silver by the China BRT.

Impeccable service
Service is a key element of CEVP’s personality, incorporating not only high corporate standards, but also the most positive characteristics of the region’s people. Consequently, CEVP’s fellows go the extra mile in supporting clients, confirmed by over 100 positive testimonials. The advisory department is another popular part of CEVP. Experienced staff suggest better ways to prepare and conduct events that surpass expectations. As a result, recurrent bookings are common, in spite of CEVP’s youth. Up to 150 high-quality external suppliers are also available.

A major milestone in 2013 was the creation of a new kitchen to enhance the centre’s gastronomic experience. The kitchen is considered among the best in the country thanks to its layout, equipment and a large, efficient team, providing full service for events of up to 4,000 people. The kitchen is operated by Compass Group, a company established in London, UK, and a worldwide player in catering. Compass’s clients include the Royal Family in London and the White House in Washington DC.

The CEVP holds much potential for international gatherings in one of Colombia’s most vibrant cities, with facilities for world-class events and charming and enthusiastic staff and collaborators. Cali, the Colombian Pacific Region and its Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico, are ready to help make your event a success.

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    Cali, the Colombian Pacific Region and its Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico, are ready to help make your event a success.
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