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The tropical beach experts

If you’re looking to escape the stresses and worries of work, there’s no better way to relax and unwind than on a beautiful sun-kissed beach


The tropical beach experts, Escape Travel are here to provide you with the perfect tropical beach escape to a myriad of beautiful locations including Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Our consultants have travelled extensively to our destinations and all our hotels are extensively checked and reviewed to ensure their suitability. With so many great resorts catering to all walks of life, sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which beach or which hotel is ideal for you. Escape Travel has a solution for this with its Bronze, Silver and Gold ratings. In addition to the star ratings Escape Travel grades a hotel’s all-inclusive and spa programs and its suitability for honeymoons and family holidays with an easy to understand rating.

This provides our customers with a quick overview of all hotels and allows customers to filter their results based on these criteria. We believe this classification is vital in helping you choose the correct Caribbean beach holiday for you and this individually tailored approach is fundamental to how Escape Travel works with its customers to find the perfect beach holiday for them.

The UK arm of a global business which has been selling tropical beach holidays for over 40 years, no one is better placed in identifying the perfect beach holiday for you and your loved ones, and they won’t be beaten on price.

In addition to the great relationships and knowledgeable staff Escape Travel have introduced the innovative Sunshine Search that helps customers who know when they can get away but do not know where is best at that time of year.

On the Escape Travel website you can input your desired temperature range and the month you wish to go away and Escape Travel will pull back a list of suitable destinations for you. This is a fabulous tool and great for families who are only able to head to the beach during the school holidays and for honeymooners who want to head on Honeymoon shortly after their wedding.

With a sole focus on beach holidays, the widest range of accommodation and flight options to their destinations sold anywhere in the UK there is no one better qualified or more focused on finding the perfect tropical beach holiday than those at Escape Travel.

Dedicated to beach holidays, Escape Travel understands the resorts and destinations better than anyone and is the perfect choice if you are looking for that tropical beach holiday.

For more information please visit: www.escapetravel.co.uk

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