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The Swiss Diamond Hotel, Prishtina: a gem in the heart of Kosovo

The Swiss Diamond Hotel is a luxury resort in one of Europe’s most fascinating cities, perfect for holidaymakers and business travellers alike

Swiss Diamond Hotel
The Swiss Diamond Hotel in Prishtina, Kosovo. The city is easily accessible from most European hubs, with regular and inexpensive flights from London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich and Milan 

Prishtina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo, is a city that is attracting increasingly more and more tourists from around the world. Indeed, more than 36,000 tourists visited the city in 2012, representing around three-quarters of all the foreign visitors who went to Kosovo in that year.

On the face of it Prishtina may seem rather off the beaten track, but in actual fact the city is easily accessible from most European cities. There are regular and inexpensive flights to Prishtina from London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich and Milan, and upon arrival Prishtina is an ideal city to explore on foot. The many intriguing historical attractions of the city include the Newborn Monument, which was unveiled on February 17 2008; the day Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia. The Newborn Monument is decorated with the flags of the ninety-nine nations that recognise this declaration, acting as a symbol of gratitude and loyalty from the people of Kosovo.

Other attractions in the capital city include the National Museum of Kosovo, which holds a fascinating collection of artefacts situated in a building dating from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The museum’s treasures include antiquities from as far back as Neolithic period, the best known of which is the stunning terracotta figurine, Goddess on the Throne. Elsewhere in the city there is a stream of striking historical attractions, including the beautiful Kosovo clock tower, Kosovo National Theatre, the National Library, and a wide range of religious sites including the Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa.

A splendid five-star establishment in the centre of one of Europe’s most vibrant, remarkable cities

The height of luxury
Naturally, a major part of any successful international trip is choosing the right hotel. The Swiss Diamond Hotel, which is located in the heart of Kosovo along the Mother Teresa pedestrian boulevard, is a hotel to make anyone feel comfortable and cared for when visiting this fascinating city.

There is a vast range of rooms at the Swiss Diamond Hotel to suit the needs of any guest, including deluxe and business rooms and a wide range of suites, including executive suites, junior suites and the hotel’s exquisite penthouse suite. The hotel’s single rooms feature elegant queen-sized beds of the highest quality, furnished with hypoallergenic pillows and comforters made of feather down. Rooms also feature work desks and dual phone lines for the most committed of business travellers, as well as bathtubs and showers made from the most elegant Italian marble.

Extras that are incorporated into every booking include a full American breakfast in the mornings and access to the hotel’s Venus Wellness Centre. All the rooms and suites are fully outfitted with the very best equipment available to ensure that every guest, particularly those staying with the hotel on business, are able to feel completely comfortable during their stay: these facilities include high definition televisions, intelligent climate control systems, a safe, a well-stocked mini bar and access to the high-speed internet.

The very highest standard of luxury is visible throughout the hotel, from the single rooms all the way up to the Swiss Diamond’s presidential suite: this gorgeous collection of rooms is the most luxurious of apartments, its facilities including an elegant dining room with seating for eight guests, two high definition televisions with dual speakers, and a walk-in dressing room with two-sided wardrobes. The bathroom is the epitome of luxury itself, complete with a hot tub, whirlpool bath, private sauna and rain shower. The Swiss Diamond Hotel’s meticulous attention to luxurious details across the whole hotel, and in the presidential suite in particular, will ensure that any guest is at the height of relaxation throughout the duration of their stay.

Exquisite dining
As a splendid five-star establishment in the centre of one of Europe’s most vibrant, remarkable cities, the Swiss Diamond Hotel naturally offers the most exquisite dining facilities. The hotel’s main restaurant, the Iliria Restaurant, offers a magnificent range of Mediterranean dishes that are created from the freshest ingredients and served with care and style. In the summer months the Iliria Restaurant has a spacious additional terrace with seating on the main Mother Teresa Boulevard, enabling guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of Kosovo as they dine. The hotel also has a Lounge Bar, which features a piano lounge and a cocktail bar: these are places regarded as the height of fashion in Prishtina and offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which guests can relax with friends or colleagues. The bar serves a wide range of drinks, including a rare collection of wines and cognacs and an extensive list of cocktails, along with an impressive staff force that is all too happy to provide guests with whatever they are partial to. Naturally, the Lounge Bar is open until late and is the perfect place for guests to relax after a successful day in the hotel’s multiple function rooms.

The Swiss Diamond Hotel also boasts the most luxurious of amenities for its most erudite guests. The hotel’s cigar club is dedicated to smokers who wish to enjoy the very best products among convivial company. The lounge offers rare cigars and great service in a private, comfortable and spacious room featuring a classical design, luxurious green and gold-coloured seats and classical artwork depicting traditional Kosovo life.

A woman relaxes in the Swiss Diamond Hotel's Venus Wellness Centre
A woman relaxes in the Swiss Diamond Hotel’s Venus Wellness Centre. A spacious swimming pool, a spa, a fitness centre and an infra-red sauna are among the facilities available

Personal wellbeing
The widespread recognition of the importance of fitness is, of course, a major part of modern culture. The Swiss Diamond Hotel’s Venus Wellness Centre is unquestionably one of the main delights of the hotel: featuring a classical design complete with marble pillars, the Wellness Centre accommodates a spacious swimming pool, a spa, a fitness centre, solariums, infra-red sauna, a steam bath, an ice cave, a salt room, a relaxation room and hair dressing salons, all equipped with Piroche Cosmetiques; the Swiss Diamond Hotel’s own lifestyle and cosmetics brand. The Venus Wellness Centre offers a wide range of the best spa treatments and fitness facilities to ensure that guests are relaxed, comfortable and focused for the duration of their stay.

A final service offered by the Swiss Diamond Hotel, a feature that is rare even among the world’s leading five-star hotels, is the ‘business check-up’ package. This health facility ensures that hotel guests are healthy and comfortable throughout the entirety of their stay and even aims to help improve the health of their guests by the time that they check out. Normally lasting a week and beginning on Sunday evenings to ensure that the hotel’s business guests can enjoy the service every day, the check-ups start on Monday with an evaluation of the guest’s current state of health, conducted by the hotel’s physicians and nutrition experts. The service also features an energy test to investigate the guest’s body mass, eating habits and general overall health. The programme aims to improve the guest’s health and fitness throughout the week by using a combination of fitness activities and personalised diet plans, sauna, swimming and massage. These special treatments aim to detox the body, improving the skin’s appearance, body tone and muscular strength.

The Swiss Diamond Hotel, Prishtina, is the perfect location for travellers seeking luxury, comfort and an authentic look at the fascinating city of Kosovo. Business travellers in particular will feel completely at home in the hotel’s luxurious rooms and sumptuous lounges, experiencing first-hand the exemplary hospitality and service that has won the hotel numerous awards over recent years. It is the hotel’s welcoming staff, splendid facilities and second-to-none services that truly make it the gem of Prishtina – a haven of luxury, recreation and enjoyment in the very heart of Europe.

For further information visit sdhprishtina.com.

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