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Park Beau Site reaches the summit as mountain metropolis

Offering a seamless combination of modernity and heritage, the Swiss Zermatt provides the perfect setting for travellers to truly relax

Park Beau Site reaches the summit as mountain metropolis
The Park Beau Site is blessed with clear skies and mountainous views 

In this technologically focused world, it can be hard to escape the demands of everyday life. The Parkhotel Beau Site offers travellers the perfect blend of traditional comfort and modern technology to provide a relaxing escape for all who visit.

Located in the Swiss Zermatt – and blessed with clear skies and mountainous views – the Parkhotel Beau Site first opened its doors in 1907, providing guests with a summer escape as they traded the smog of the city for fresh alpine air. Now mostly favoured in the winter, Zermatt has become a mountain metropolis, attracting guests from around the world.

Parkhotel Beau Site prides itself on being a home away from home for guests, providing hospitality that is second to none. Its host, Franz Schwegler, has run the house for 21 years, and is always doing his utmost to understand the needs of every individual who steps through its doors. This sentiment is echoed by every member of the Parkhotel team.

The hotel is one of the most comfortable around, offering an array of rooms to accommodate guests’ unique requirements and aesthetic tastes. Many of these rooms are adorned with large windows, treating guests to the fantastic views Zermatt has to offer.

Some guests are so passionate about the Parkhotel Beau Site, they have organised weddings, parties and family events in the hotel’s beautiful banquet and seminar rooms, as well as making it their go-to holiday destination.

Technology meets tradition
Since its inception 110 years ago, the Parkhotel Beau Site has evolved in tandem with the world around it and remains a pioneer in hospitality and technology to this day. While members of management are keen to maintain the hotel’s heritage, they understand the importance of growing its logistical capabilities, too. The Parkhotel Beau Site is built with fast, powerful Wi-Fi, allowing both business travellers and holidaymakers to touch base with the outside world.

Parkhotel Beau Site prides itself on being a home away from home for guests, providing hospitality that is
second to none

Guests at the Parkhotel Beau Site have all the tools they need to relax. The hotel is equipped with one of the finest wellness centres around, with a sauna, recreation area, massage rooms and a stunning pool. Guests can also treat themselves to the views in the hotel’s magnificent winter garden. Others may be enticed by the onsite beauty rooms, which offer a number of nourishing facial treatments and provide the perfect escape for those that want to unwind.

Leader in comfort
Later in the evening, visitors can enjoy the exceptional cuisine the Parkhotel Beau Site has to offer. Catering to every dietary need – and, in particular, offering a fine selection of vegetarian options – the hotel’s specialities include Swiss cheese fondue and a variation of the same dish with bouillon. Furthermore, those with a passion for music will relish the hotel’s luxurious piano bar.

All in all, the Parkhotel Beau Site offers every traveller an enjoyable and accommodating experience. In fact, since opening its doors more than a century ago, Parkhotel Beau Site has proven itself to be a leader in every respect for the hotel industry.

Not only has it upheld the finest standards in traditional quality, but it has been able to grow and modernise as well. In doing so, it can accommodate the travellers of the 21st century, whose demands for technological innovation are as great as their appetite for comfort.


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