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Luxury business in Ghana

Winner of Best Luxury Hotel in Ghana and Best Business Hotel in Ghana, 2012, the Labadi Beach Hotel really is the last word in Ghanaian hospitality – Business Destinations got the low-down


The Labadi Beach Hotel – sophisticated, sensual, soothing and pampering – has raised the standards yet again. After a high successful 2011, which saw the refurbishment of 50 of its rooms, Ghana’s premier five-star hotel has won two accolades in the Business Destinations Travel Awards, 2012 – scooping Best luxury hotel in Ghana and Best Business Hotel in Ghana for its stunning array of leisure and business hospitality facilities.

Decadent décor

The entirety of the interior décor is made to reflect contemporary Ghanaian flair, tradition and culture. The corridors of the new wing are decorated with miniature chief stools supplied by Wild Gecko. Walking through the corridors and bedrooms, gusts are flattered with opulent rugs that your feet will sink in to, giving you the feeling of walking through an Arabian sultanate palace.

The furniture in the rooms is made in Italy from kiln-dried wood obtained from sustainable forests in the United States and assemblers were flown in from Italy to ensure top quality installation. The furnishings have soft closing drawers and a unique recessed make up mirror that pops up from the desk surface with illuminating lights that aids a flawless facial touch.

In the desk drawer guests will find a high-wattage hairdryer with an uncharacteristic long-length cord for all ladies’ blow drying needs.

Rooms to impress
Each room has a distinct, intricately carved chief’s stool; an exquisitely spiralling stand turning lamp made of wood and a velour chair seat. With its soft cushions and throws in the living suite, true glamour is brought to your living style. The rooms are further enhanced by a long-stem orchid contrasted by dark wood, and should the illumination in the room be too much for your mood, the blackout curtains will certainly come in handy.

The hotel’s bathrooms are designed like nothing guests will have ever seen. With subtle lighting providing a sensuous aura to your bathing experience, you can soothe yourself from the weariness of the daily grind.

Showers are separated from the bath tub area by a glass wall so that guests choose how they bathe. Showerheads are also adjustable for massaging, whilst a full-length mirror is available to ensure that your presentation is immaculate every time. All this is complimented with the sumptuously soft white bath towels that are found in every room.

Award winning luxury
The Labadi Beach Hotel features a stunning array of 164 brand new rooms after an extensive refurbishment programme in 2010, costing a total of $18m. This, along with the fact the hotel fronts on to a private beach and has facilities such as volleyball and floodlit tennis courts.

Highly recommended by prestigious organisations such as Trip Advisor, Labadi Beach Hotel has received accolades from the West Tourism Awards body (WATHA) and Akwaaba Travel Market Fair, been named best CEO in West Africa 2010, Best Five Star Hotel in West Africa (2010, 2011) and of course Best Luxury Hotel in Ghana, 2012 and Best Business Hotel in Ghana, 2012 in the Business Destinations Travel Awards.

Ethical and green initiatives
Whilst the accolades for Labadi Beach Hotel’s prowess in Ghana speak for themselves, the hotel continues to strive to the premier hotel for business and leisure amenities in West Africa.

During the past year the hotel has shown great commitment to sustainable practices and is helping the local community through a number of events such as a Christmas party for the Helpage Shelter for more than 300 elderly people. As part of its drive for social responsibility, the hotel also held a Christmas party for 100 cured sufferers of leprosy at the Christ the King Chapel School in 2011. Throughout the year, the hotel also organised periodic clean-up exercises around the community for the benefit of local residents.

As part of the hotel’s safe environmental practices, the recycles water for operational use. The hotel also adopts practices that involve less chemical usage and adopts eco friendly activities where applicable. Currently the lagoon in the hotel is dredged and it is supplemented with recycled water from our processing plant and aerated by way of our new fountain.

For more information email: Labadi@legacyhotels.co.za; Tel: +233 302 772501 6; www.legacyhotels.co.za

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