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Basic Hotels: just what you need

Basic Hotels, based in Bergen, Norway is making a name for itself as an innovative budget accommodation provider, giving guests the essentials they actually need and the high quality they deserve

Room in Basic Hotels, Bergen
The Basic Hotels in Bergen offer premium comfort for an affordable price - just what you need, nothing more, nothing less 

Basic Hotels is driven by the desire to create a hotel without the ‘little extras’, – which almost always means extra costs. It strives to deliver accurate information about what guests get for their money and has been named our Best Budget Accommodation Provider, Norway, 2013.

“The focus is on comfort and quality. A hotel should be neat and clean and comfortable, and Basic Hotels specifies very clearly what is included in the price, and what is not,” says Managing Director Mona Sandvik.

The company is clearly fulfilling its promise and boasted an occupancy rate of over 95 percent during its first summer season in 2011.

All three Basic Hotels are located in the city centre of Bergen. Basic tries to keep solutions as simple as possible to provide a good alternative when you are looking for smart, affordable accommodation.

Basic Hotels are suitable for guests who want a comfortable stay in a casual setting, but have no need for extra hotel luxuries and services. Nevertheless, the hotels boast modern design and perfect functionality.

Only the essentials
Basic Hotels has low prices because it has stripped away the irrelevant elements of a hotel stay, allowing it to offer lower prices than the other hotels.

“People are tired of expensive prices; they want efficient, good hotels at low price. And they are willing to make the coffee for themselves to keep the price down, and do not want to pay for extras that they do not use,” says Sandvik.

If you are looking for a comfortable stay in a modern, pleasant environment, but have no need for over-extravagance, Basic Hotels is a great choice

Despite the low prices, Basic offers high-quality hotel rooms. Each room is exquisitely, comfortably furnished, and guarantees a great stay. You only pay for what you need, no more: a room to sleep well in, a room that allows you to work efficiently, and high-speed wi-fi that is always free. All rooms come with a private bathroom, an electric kettle, TV, refrigerator, hairdryer, a convenient desk, and a wardrobe.

Personalised service 
Naturally, when you arrive at the hotel, your room will be clean; the bed made with freshly laundered cotton bed linen, and there will be one bath towel per guest. Daily cleaning services are not included in the room price, but during longer stays there is a weekly cleaning service.

Additional cleaning services and a change of bed linen and towels may be ordered at an extra fee. Guests choose what they want, and the hotels can run on reduced staff, which generates lower costs, and therefore lower prices for guests.

Breakfast is not included in the room price, but you may purchase a coupon for a buffet breakfast at a nearby hotel during the opening hours of the hotel reception, or order one when you make your room reservation.

Guests can also take advantage of the great selection of cafés in the city centre of Bergen. There is an electric kettle in every room so you can make your own coffee and tea, or use the quality coffee machine at the hotel, where you may purchase freshly brewed coffee at any time of day.

Keeping prices low
Basic Hotels believes guests appreciate the comfort of traditional hotels – without having to pay for unnecessary extras. If you are looking for a comfortable stay in a modern, pleasant environment, but have no need for over-extravagance, Basic Hotels is a great choice.

There is no standard around-the-clock reception with a clerk available at all times. There is, however, a receptionist at the hotel during opening hours, and a security line open 24/7.

“We see that companies and business travellers want to spend less money on travel. We have a lot of reservations from abroad, and it seems that a good number of these are business travellers. Actually, we have business travellers who have spent more than 100 days a year at Basic Hotel Bergen. We also see that resourceful tourists choose cheaper alternative hotels, and spend more money on experiences instead,” says Sandvik.

Writing’s on the wall
The interior is modern, stylish and comfortable. The décor consists of quotes, words of wisdom, and messages painted directly onto the walls. In the reception at Basic Hotel Bergen a wall welcomes guests in many languages. Behind the counter they find another uplifting quote.

On the way to the room, the guests discover more and more messages on the wall. The corridor door has a charming reminder note: “Keys, wallet, phone, smile.” On the wall above the bed, Basic Hotels bids you a good night’s rest: “Sweet dreams, sleep tight, we wish you a good night.”

Writing on the wall at Basic Hotels, Bergen
The team at Basic Hotels in Bergen do their best to help you feel welcome – love letters and all!

“No doubt it gives hotels a personal style. We wanted to give people a sense that there is someone around you,” Sandvik says, and admits the idea was her own.

Comfort, a modern colour scheme, quotes on the wall and good information can be found at all three Basic Hotels in Bergen. Although they have the same owner, style and concept, there are some small differences.

There has been excellent feedback on the interiors, comfort, clear information and attentive staff

Basic Hotel Marken is associated with Marken Guesthouse and two of the five rooms are family rooms, sleeping up to four people. Guests have access to common areas at Marken Guesthouse, kitchen and laundry with both washing machines and dryers. In addition, there are cooking facilities in the rooms, especially for business travellers who stay for a long period. Basic Hotel Victoria is only open during the summer season, from June until August.

Satisfied guests
Feedback from guests suggests the concept has great appeal. There has been excellent feedback on the interiors, comfort, clear information and attentive staff. Some think it’s nice not to get bothered with daily maid attendance, and are happy not to pay for a breakfast they do not want. Central location is definitely a plus.

“All the positive feedback is a good basis for future operations and we have already established co-operations with tour operators and companies that are using our hotels on a regular basis,” says Sandvik. Basic Hotels have now positioned themselves as a good option in Bergen as a budget accommodation provider. Basic Hotels are aiming to expand their business in Bergen as well as other cities in Norway.

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