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The ace of clubs

Two beautiful and different experiences in one facility – for hospitality and corporate events where golf is par for the course, you need look no further than PGA of Sweden National

Lakes Course

To the left is the last green on the Lakes course, to your right; the last on Links course. In the line of sight and straight ahead, a magnificent clubhouse boasts its presence. Welcome to one of the newest and the most promising golf resorts in northern Europe – The PGA of Sweden National in Bara. Located just five miles east of Malmö city and 30 minutes from Copenhagen airport, this is clearly one of Europe’s most unique golfing facilities.

There is no doubt that this course has caused a stir among golfing aficionados for its stunning setting, ease of access and state-of-the-art facilities. The two courses were designed by Kyle Phillips, one of the world’s leading golf architects, and someone renowned for his ability to produce timeless courses in a thoroughly modern setting. Thus, the courses at PGA Sweden are quite unique in what they can offer the 21st-century golfer.

For example, the Links course harks back to a tradition of playing on heath land and beside lakes, but with a modern take on the grass used and a totally re-imagined landscape. This is how PGA realises its vision of creating the future of magnificent parkland courses, and as Kyle Philips proudly explains, how golfers will have an “unforgettable experience”.

The lay of the land
The first holes on the Links Course are generously laid out, but by all means do not underestimate 110-yard short fifth – unless you get the distance and trajectory just right, you could get an ugly blot on your score card. The green is almost 45 yards wide, but only 15 yards deep, and the seventh, if not one already, will soon become your favourite hole, located high up and looking 170 yards down the green – but beware of the hefty hollow in the middle!

The Links Course offers golfers a series of challenges to test their skills – be they the prevailing wind direction or sweeping terrain, large greens or treacherous bunkers and slopes – there’s always something to keep even the expert golfer on their toes.

By comparison, the Lakes Course has much smaller greens and as the name suggests; a lot of water. The grass here is different too, and the course has the character of a parkland, which means it is not as hilly as the Links course. The finish too is rock-hard, and it’s not surprising that many believe a competition to be decided on the last hole. A par five with water right along the left edge and the slightly raised green means that balls angled just slightly too far left will result in a wet session.

With its two courses, practice opportunities at the PGA Golf Academy, and the 16 elegant suites of the clubhouse with fabulous views – PGA of Sweden National is the complete experience for the golfing enthusiast. To get right into the spirit of the game, guests at the facility can play golf into the evening before experiencing a sumptuous dinner and breathtaking luxury accommodation. All of this is also complimented by a comprehensive corporate programme, offering hospitality and events against a stunning backdrop.

Further information: +46 40 635 51 00; reception@pgaswedennational.se; www.pgaswedennational.se

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