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Secret of a healthy holiday

If you thought tummy trouble was part and parcel of exotic locations think again. Enjoy your next trip with Bimuno


Exploring the bustling markets of Marrakech, trekking across rugged terrain in the Andes or getting away from it all on a secluded beach in Copacabana, all boast an enviable travel itinerary. However, the thrill of an unfamiliar destination can quickly disappear when you’re caught with tummy troubles abroad. With this in mind, more and more travellers’ are discovering Bimuno, your tummy’s passport to happy travel.

Up to 11 million holidaymakers suffer from holiday diarrhoea every year, experiencing cramps, nausea, bloating, vomiting and even fever when they should be relaxing and enjoying their time away. While abroad, the local drinks, climate and even the stress of travelling itself can have an effect on the microflora balance in your digestive system.

Bimuno is a unique patented formulation specially developed for travellers by international experts in digestive health. Published scientific studies* have shown that Bimuno’s unique formula helps encourage and sustain a healthy level of your most beneficial ‘good’ gut bacteria. By maintaining a favourable balance of good bacteria you can help to fend off the infamous ‘Delly Belly’ and keep your tummy happy whilst abroad.

Available in a new discreet chewy pastille format, Bimuno is ideal for your suitcase or hand luggage. Bimuno should be taken daily seven days before your holiday and each day while you are away. Bimuno can be purchased on line at Bimuno.com or at selected Boots stores.

For more information on the benefits of Bimuno, visit www.bimuno.com

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