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Philips TV: smart hospitality

Philips Smart TVs have all the gadgets and features you need to relax on holiday

Philips' Smart TV completes the luxury hotel experience
Philips' Smart TV completes the luxury hotel experience 

Back in your hotel after a long day doing business, all you want to do is relax for a while before falling asleep. Watching a movie, the latest news, or your favourite TV series on your hotel room’s TV is the best way to unwind. Despite the enormous popularity of smartphones and tablets, the television remains the digital centrepiece of every guestroom.

The additional features that hotel TVs offer over standard consumer TVs often go unnoticed, but hoteliers and hotel guests alike have special requirements. The Philips TV brand has been addressing these needs with specialist hospitality TVs for more than 30 years. TP Vision provides the Philips hospitality TVs, which are Business Destinations’ Best Televisions for the Hospitality Sector, 2013.

Philips hospitality TVs offer a dedicated feature set, called OXIGEN, providing ease of use, the latest in connectivity, Smart TV, info services and remote management tools that ensure a low total cost of ownership.

When watching TV during a hotel stay, guests want the same superb TV experience with the same high picture quality they are used to at home. But first and foremost, guests are concerned with a TV’s usability. No one wants to waste time fiddling with the set in their hotel room. They just want to relax and get on with enjoying their spare time. Therefore, Philips hotel TVs are equipped with an intuitive user interface that allows guests to choose their preferred language easily, and to access news or hotel information quickly.

Smart solutions
Smart TV is one of the most important trends in the TV industry. In 2013, according to GfK, 46 percent of all TVs sold in Europe will be Smart TVs – a rise of 52 percent, compared to 2012. Increasing numbers of hotel guests expect to have online TV services available during their hotel stay, as that is what they have at home.

Smart TV offerings need to be carefully adapted to hotel requirements. Hotels with multinational customer bases must meet many different requirements; for instance, it is unlikely that somebody from the Netherlands will be looking for the same apps as a guest from Turkey, Russia, or Brazil. That is why Philips hotel TVs offer country selection filters, which preselect apps, stored in the cloud, in the guests’ native languages. This also enables guests to find apps from their home countries, like catch-up TV.

In addition, a tool called Appcontrol enables hotels and system integrators to remotely manage the apps displayed on the portal of each TV. This means hoteliers can personalise the Smart TV offering for different rooms. On hotel TVs, data protection and data privacy requirements have top priority. Accessing social media networks and emails on the TV screen requires guests to type in passwords. Philips hotel TVs ensure that all that personal data is automatically deleted after use.

Today, guests carry a lot of personal content on their mobile devices and they want to keep that private. Philips hotel TVs offer the latest connectivity, allowing guests to watch content stored on mobile devices on the larger TV screen. However, when guests wirelessly stream content from their smartphones, neighbouring guests must not be able to inadvertently receive it on their TVs. Philips Hotel TVs prevent this from happening as they feature Secure SimplyShare – a secure pairing solution for TV and mobile devices.

Designed for hoteliers
SmartInstall on Philips hotel TVs enhances the guest experience while minimising the effort hoteliers need to make regarding set-up and installation. Thanks to a PC tool, hoteliers can remotely configure and install all TVs without visiting rooms and disturbing guests. They can upgrade software, install new channels, or update SmartInfo pages, which provide guests with useful information about hotel services or the city.

Features such as AppControl and SmartInstall ensure that set-up and running costs are kept to a minimum. These low costs in turn allow hoteliers to install the best, state-of-the-art hotel TVs, which fit the design of each guest room perfectly.

The Philips hospitality TV portfolio comprises four different ranges. The Signature range features the unique Ambilight and is ideal for hotels looking for incomparable design and hi-tech viewing experience for their guests. MediaSuite was designed for hoteliers that need a future-proof solution as well as extremely easy installation and cutting-edge Smart TV features. The EasySuite and Studio ranges are the ideal choice for smaller hotels or studio guest rooms. Although very cost-efficient, they are incredibly easy to install.

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