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Majestic travel management

For more than two decades its management solutions have provided the tools for travel professionals to make the right choices – CTMS Travel is our Best Travel Management Company in North America, 2012


Founded in Toronto 20 years ago, CTMS wanted to bring high-calibre corporate travel services to small and medium-sized businesses. Even now, years later, with offices across the world, the ethos of dedication, service and value means just as much. Customer satisfaction is the company’s number one priority and its staff will go out of their way every day to ensure all unique needs and requirements are met. The formula’s not complicated – CTMS will just do all it can to make corporate travel simple.

As a truly global travel partner, CTMS is pleased to serve travellers worldwide, with offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia; with further offices due to open in China, Australia, Canada, Israel and the USA. The launch of CTMS Portal provides customers with a one-stop-shop solution for flights, hotels, cars, private charter, event, sport and meeting management and planning. CTMS also provide travel policy, expenditure management and consulting services, reporting and analysis tools to support your common goals.

Whatever your travel management needs may be, CTMS’s expert team of event managers will work with you through the advanced planning and logistics required for any event, however large or small. At CTMS, the firm’s affiliation with various hotel chains, travel service providers and airlines the world over puts it in a uniquely advantageous position to be able to leverage on its expertise to maximise value across any corporate travel programme for clients.

CTMS are delighted and very proud to have been named Best Travel Management Company, in North America, 2012 – and is certainly testimony of its hard work and dedication.

Simpler corporate travel
CTMS’s portfolio of clients ranges from small and medium to multinational organisations, putting it in a good position to understand a multitude of client requirements from all major markets and industries.

The company has the ability to provide efficient travel management solutions essential to any business as well as maintaining a consistently high standard of quality throughout all transactions.

Being able to provide this service is achieved by having a dedicated team of professionals, who are committed to clients, understand their needs and provide customised solutions. CTMS’ staff are encouraged to think intuitively about the services and products they supply to clients and thanks to them the firm has a very high client retention rate.

With CTMS as your chosen travel provider you will work with a team of professionals who have the knowledge and technical know-how to apply their expertise to your global requirements and deliver a high quality product and service to you every time– ensuring your booking experience with is not only the best-in-class, but also simple.

Tom Osovitzki, CEO of CTMS, had this to say about the firm’s win in the Business Destinations Travel Awards: “We have always placed our clients at the heart of our business and taken a sustainable approach to growth based upon strategic investments in technology, training and development. It has become more important than ever to keep in touch with customers, motivate staff, reduce risk and manage cost efficiently. At CTMS we are committed to helping our clients achieve all of these objectives and we’d be delighted to discuss our approach and services in greater depth with you. We understand, in our own business as well as that of our clients, there is no room for mistakes in the processes involved in booking any form of travel. For that reason we successfully became ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2009. Our Quality Management System gives our organisation the ability to do things better.

We don’t apply our principles purely for altruistic reasons but because they make business sense to us and our partners. That is why our clients see us as a partner going beyond corporate travel. On behalf of all share-holders and staff here at CTMS I would like to thank you for this award and for your continued loyalty.”

For more information email: info.uk@ctmstravel.com; tel:  +44 20 7421 0001; www.ctmstravel.com

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