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Cabfind.com’s unique technology guarantees smooth travel experience

Travel is an essential, but costly, part of business. Innovative travel management solutions can help to alleviate the stress and expense that comes with getting from A to B

Cabfind's single booking and billing platform issues corporate customers with a number of reports that accurately calculate their exact travel expenditure on a month-to-month basis
Cabfind's single booking and billing platform issues corporate customers with a number of reports that accurately calculate their exact travel expenditure on a month-to-month basis 

For many companies, there is a tendency to group travel expenditure all in one place, showing a total cost to the business with no in-depth breakdown. But when businesses make their journeys via Cabfind.com’s single booking and billing platform, a number of reports can be generated that allow corporate customers to accurately calculate their exact expenditure on a month-to-month basis.

“Our single booking and billing platform not only tracks our clients’ total expenditure, but considers unused cabs, opportunities for cab sharing to reduce cost, and suggestions for CO2 reduction measures”, Chris Jordan, Managing Director of Cabfind.com, told
Business Destinations.

“Corporate clients can see exactly where the bulk of their taxi expenditure is, note regular missed journeys, identify opportunities to cab share and therefore reduce cost and CO2 emissions”, he continued. In fact, Cabfind.com’s management system can help clients reduce their travel expenditure by as much as 40 percent.

Cabfind.com’s software and technology has evolved to meet the needs of the ever-changing digital landscape

The travel management provider offers its services to a wide array of clients who require taxi solutions for a variety of reasons: whether this is working with train operator companies who require taxi travel in order to transport crews or to assist passengers during disruption, or working with large organisations like the television network ITV, which used Cabfind.com to move staff and contestants for various productions.

Driving progress
Cabfind.com has grown exponentially since its inception, with its software and technology constantly evolving to meet the needs of the ever-changing digital landscape. However, it has faced a number of challenges along the way, according to its Managing Director: “Companies like Uber – and the draw for cab drivers to move to Uber – pose a challenge in terms of providing the largest fleet of vehicles in the UK”, said Jordan. “The shifting workforce is a challenge for suppliers, but it has that knock-on effect for Cabfind.com.” In order to stay ahead of the competition, Jordan has invested a lot of money back into the business, with the company possessing one of the largest development teams in the industry.

“Over £2.8m has been reinvested into Cabfind.com to future-proof the technology and software that is the foundation of the business”, said Jordan. “A new state-of-the-art software application is in development, and due to be launched in 2016.”

Expanding network
Cabfind.com recognises that each individual client has widely varying needs. As a result, the Cabfind Advanced Booking System (CABSI), a web-based booking application, was created so that corporate clients are able to easily book, amend and view their taxi journeys. The program also offers multiple reporting options such as jobs reports, a CO2 report and top users reports.

The intuitive application, which can be accessed via web, tablet or smartphone, provides end-to-end booking management capabilities and can be implemented as a white label version of the CABSI booking tool to deliver brand consistency for clients – something that the company wishes to improve upon year-on-year, so that its customers continue to get the best service available.

“Growth and expansion is definitely the future for Cabfind.com”, said Jordan. “At present, our headquarters are undergoing a relocation and office expansion to allow for more staff members to enter the business. Furthermore, the recent acquisition by Transdev, one of the world’s largest public transport operators, will allow Cabfind.com to excel in both the European and North American markets. 2016 will see the launch of Cabfind.com’s new software application, which will support the company’s infrastructure going forward.”

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