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The Middle East’s ‘best airport’

The Bahrain Airport Company has already achieved great things in its short history, and its unfaltering ambition has more than earned it the title of Best Airport in the Middle East, 2012


It was Chinese general Sun Tzu writing in The Art of War in 400 BC who said “Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.” This couldn’t be truer for Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), having been in existence for just three years, but well on its way to success by planning for the next twenty.

Established in 2008, BAC may be wholly owned by Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, but it operates as a commercial entity. This gives it the transparency and a commitment to build on the airport’s status as a major international airport in the region and the best airport for Bahrain.

Backed by world-class infrastructure, facilities and services, BAC spearheads with a single-minded focus to create an aviation hub by unifying the goals of the entities which make up the Bahrain International Airport (BIA). This will benefit airlines, travellers, stakeholders and staff, in a facility that is future-ready.

Since taking over the management of Bahrain International Airport in March 2010, Bahrain Airport Company has endeavoured to lay the foundations for change by drawing up plans for a multiple-phased expansion of the Airport and also exploring and pursuing new ways to deliver improved services. All of this is geared towards maximising clients’ and operators’ working experience and passengers’ travelling experience. This includes boosting passenger and aircraft as well as cargo capacities and services.

Bahrain’s open skies policy, its naturally convenient location, and its welcoming culture work in the company’s favour as it aims to sustain and build on BIA’s position as an attractive hub to access the world for airlines and passengers alike.

The blueprint for success of BAC’s plan to expand and develop Bahrain International Airport hinges on it having taken into consideration the trajectory national carriers like Gulf Air and Bahrain Air are aiming to take. After all, its airlines success will be BIA’s success and will ultimately add to the revenue generating capabilities of a sustainable world class aviation hub.

Ambitious as it may sound, Bahrain Airport Company’s ultimate objective to be self-financing and to pay for itself by reinvesting its entire profit in the Airport. This thinking is typical of the sound planning and clear strategy at the core of the company.

The milestones on BAC’s growth curve signify its journey as a company delivering the right infrastructure, providing improved operations and creating maximum convenience.

Attracting and supporting airlines and delivering great passenger service are, therefore, at the heart of everything Bahrain Airport Company does. This has created an image of the company as being friendly – open to partnerships – and always future ready.

As a company operating in a very dynamic environment, it is important that it is prepared for and can capitalise on change. And if like Bahrain Airport Company, one has also clearly identified, not only ones competitive advantages, but ones challenges and constraints, there is little room for doubt that it is well on its way to shaping the Best Airport for Bahrain, to serving as a key contributor in GDP, and to uplifting aviation as a one of the major economic sectors in the Kingdom.

For more information visit www.bac.bh

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