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Talking taxis

If you’ve ever found hitching a ride in a foreign country a stressful experience, Cabforce has just the range of private transport solutions to make your business trip a success

Taxis in New York

Have you ever waited for a taxi at the airport for an hour? Or argued about the route, the price and the payment method with a local taxi driver who suddenly does not seem to understand anything you are trying to say? If you have, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of travellers share this experience throughout Europe every week.

In a study published by German motoring organisation ADAC, one third of European taxis took longer routes or charged incorrect rates. There were also widespread issues in accepting credit cards, leading occasionally to the aggressive verbal abuse of the passenger.

In 2009, the co-founders of Cabforce.com set out on a mission to make taxi travel agony-free with their user-friendly online booking service. Instead of individual drivers, Cabforce.com only partners with private transport companies, which are dedicated to brand building by offering good customer service and reliability. By end of 2012 the service will cover the top 40 European travel destinations with over 500 cities in the operational area.

Reliable flat rate taxis
Similar to hotel and flight booking sites, the Cabforce.com search engine finds local taxi, executive car and minibus providers and gives the passenger a fully inclusive price for any point-to-point fare within the cities and regions covered by the Cabforce.com. The booking and the price are confirmed with a credit card, which is billed after the job has been completed. Cabforce.com guarantees its customers a reliable transport service, with e-mail and SMS confirmations and electronic receipts.

Additionally, prepaid bookings avoid any surprises with detouring, or additional parking fees, credit card commissions, or tips. Even in regions where the reliability and quality of taxis is historically poor, the bookings made through Cabforce.com are safe and consistent. This has made Cabforce.com a popular service among business travellers who appreciate trust and quality, instead of taking risky chances in foreign countries.

Peace of mind for business travellers
“The Cabforce offering is particularly well suited for business travel. Anyone with more than 50 travel days per year with a tight schedule in each destination knows how important it is to minimise the distractions. Hassles with local taxis means wasted time and mental bandwidth, but on the other hand, slick executive VIP services can be very expensive, which the companies are reluctant to pay”, says Tommi Holmgren, the CEO and co-founder of Cabforce.

“We target this segment with our ‘Economy Extra’ service, where the traveller gets all the important aspects of limousine service, such as the car ready and waiting at the airport, instead of the other way around, making our service very cost effective for businesses. For corporations, we also give a boost to expense management as they often waste time and money handling paper receipts. Our electronic billing and receipts make things much easier”, Tommi explains.

Before Cabforce.com there has not been an online booking service with similar reach and focus in Europe and the company expects to grow rapidly. The market has enormous potential as European travellers continue to shift to online channels and Cabforce.com is there to provide the missing link of online travel management services.

Further information: www.cabforce.com

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