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Madrid: booming with life and business

Madrid has reinvented business meetings by purposefully merging its booming corporate sector with a rich and exciting cultural background

The Metropolis building in the centre of Madrid. The city is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and professional culture
The Metropolis building in the centre of Madrid. The city is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and professional culture 

Known for being a city where exciting trends and new businesses are created often and organically, Madrid is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and innovative professional culture. Its beautiful setting ensures that taking time out and doing business are equally enjoyable, while Madrid’s rich artistic heritage, fine cuisine and the passion of its locals make it truly one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

Madrid offers more than 80,000 hotel beds, along with two conference centres and two trade fair venues. These expansive sites offer direct connections to the city’s airport, which recently doubled its passenger capacity, thereby making it one of the principle destinations for business travel on the continent. The city’s hotels offer a highly competitive quality-to-price ratio, giving special prominence to designer venues that exude personality. Cheaper than London, Paris or Moscow, accommodation in Madrid promises cleanliness and style without breaking the bank.

The city’s fantastic vitality is contagious, and guests arriving for business or leisure are sure to feel
its effects

Enviable culture
Travellers returning from a stay in Madrid often comment on how welcome they were made to feel by the city’s outgoing locals. However, the hospitable environment can also be attributed to other factors, including the 3,000 hours of sunshine that the city receives every year, its prestigious title as Spain’s capital, or its strategic location between continents. Whatever the reason, Madrid’s fantastic vitality is contagious, and guests arriving for business or leisure are sure to feel its effects.

Unique initiatives and events spring up around the city throughout the year, injecting yet more life into Madrid’s unbeatable cultural agenda. With over 90 museums and more than 2,000 historical monuments, the city boasts an unrivalled artistic wealth that is spearheaded by the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofía art museums on the internationally renowned Art Walk.

The definition of culture in Madrid also extends to food, design, fashion and architecture. The selection of such leisure activities is a faithful reflection of the city’s zest for life, its respect for tradition and its commitment to both the experimental and sustainable. In addition to its collection of 13 Michelin star-winning restaurants (totalling 20 stars across the city), Madrid offers a staggering variety of extra dining options: the city’s boutique restaurants are famed for their cutting-edge culinary creations, superb service and exceptional décor. Additionally, with a huge variety of both designer and independent shops plus a brimming cultural and sporting calendar, Madrid has earned its reputation as one of the most engaging cities in the world.

A green city
Located between the Guadarrama Mountain Range and Vega del Tajo, Madrid has an enviable natural heritage. The vast amount of trees that line the city’s avenues and gardens provide clean air and create an ideal atmosphere for walking, sports and leisure. El Retiro, La Casa de Campo and El Monte de El Pardo are a few of the finest parks and forests
in the city.

Thanks to its vanguard conference facilities, specialised professional services, efficient transport network and exceptional hotel sector, business meetings can be hosted across the length and breadth of the city. Furthermore, given its status as the economic centre of the country and the home of 90 percent of the largest companies operating in Spain, Madrid acts as a global showcase for the presentation of new products and proposals. The city’s business facilities are complemented by its palaces, theatres and other unique buildings, many of which are available to organisers who wish to host a truly remarkable event.

However, if Madrid is to be given a single defining feature, it is its ability to make business meetings a pleasurable experience. In Spain’s capital city, the line separating business and leisure is purposefully blurred, making it possible to hold meetings and close business deals while enjoying the area’s unbeatable entertainment, food and culture.

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