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Madrid: a top destination for business meetings

As one of Europe’s friendliest capital cities, Madrid has a great deal to offer business and leisure travellers alike

The Glass Gallery at Madrid's Palacio de Cibeles became a temporary cinema this summer
The Glass Gallery at Madrid's Palacio de Cibeles became a temporary cinema this summer 

The largest city in Spain and one of the continent’s most culturally rich capitals, Madrid is a place perfectly suited for doing business. A notably safe setting where taking time out and attending meetings are equally enjoyable, Madrid’s rich artistic background, enviable natural heritage, cutting-edge transportation network, quality accommodation, fine cuisine and local friendliness mean that guests are guaranteed to enjoy everything that one of the world’s most attractive destinations has to offer, day or night.

With a range of high-quality hotels that cannot be beaten across much of the European continent, the city of Madrid provides guests with modern infrastructure, excellent value for money and a workforce of devoted professionals, allowing clients to enjoy an unending supply of truly unique events.

Madrid provides guests with modern infrastructure, excellent value for money and a citywide workforce of devoted professionals

Peak season
While summer may be long over, its effects can still be felt throughout the city: Madrid’s leading cultural centres – CentroCentro at the Palacio de Cibeles, Matadero Madrid and Conde Duque – were in full swing during summer 2015. Each of these centres’ facilities provided spaces that enhanced and revitalised the city’s cultural calendar, providing the perfect setting for a series of innovative events during the city’s peak months.

The Glass Gallery at CentroCentro became a summer cinema for two months, featuring a programme that included classic films, cult movies and newly premiered box office hits. A total of 74 screenings were hosted between 1st July and 3rd September, where filmgoers were also able to attend an exclusive exhibition of film costumes that was catered for by renowned chef Juan Pozuelo. Meanwhile, Matadero Madrid ran its exclusive festival, the Square in the Summer, by holding numerous inclusive music events in architect Andrés Jaque’s structure, Excaravox. Consisting of two mobile devices based on the concept of watering systems, Excaravox was equipped with a sound system, projection screen, speaker platform, plants and even a water bed for guests and attendees to enjoy.

City beaching
Additionally, Conde Duque hosted the Urban Beach Cinema from 10th July until 12th September: this event was new to Madrid in 2015, giving visitors and locals the chance to enjoy open-air cinema, music, design and gastronomy in a breathtaking beach setting in the heart of the city. Replicating the urban beaches that can be found in several other European cities, including London, Paris and Berlin, two 4,500sq m terraces were set up in the city’s central courtyard. The minimalist site gives prominence to beautiful flora, thanks to a partnership with Madrid City Council’s environmental department, and, with terrace bars run by Café La Palma and Café del Río – two companies with a wealth of vital field experience to their names – Madrid’s urban beach project has been hailed as a massive success.

The Conde Duque’s south courtyard was the venue for the outdoor cinema, which offered a 300sq m cinema screen and seating for 800 people. Catering was provided by a series of food trucks, which parked up on a weekly rotation and delighted Madrid locals and tourists alike with their innovative and refreshing culinary offerings. The Urban Beach Cinema also featured attractions for music lovers, including concerts and sessions led by various DJs. Further music events, including an ‘electronic brunch’ and various activities for children, were held every Sunday throughout the summer.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 18th July to 9th August, the Urban Beach Cinema also held a pop-up event that hosted a series of international fashion brands. Through collaboration with the local arts and craft market, Nómada Market, this attraction accommodated fashion and accessory designers, illustrators, decorators and jewellery designers, all of whom used the innovative event to reveal their trendsetting ideas for the rest of the year.

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