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Eccelsa Aviation’s luxury private terminal at Costa Smeralda airport

Eccelsa Aviation’s private terminal at Sardegna’s Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport takes the hassle out of your luxury Mediterranean break

Eccelsa Aviation at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
Arriving at an airport has never been so relaxing. As soon as guests debark from the plane their every comfort is is catered for, helping to enhance their Costa Smeralda escape  

During the last summer season Eccelsa Aviation honoured the fiftieth birthday of Costa Smeralda – Italy’s jewel in the Mediterranean – by bringing it closer to incoming travellers. It is now possible to discover the vast array of sporting, cultural, and social events the Costa has to offer, right from arrival, thanks to the services of Business Destinations’ Best Fixed Based Operator, Europe, 2014.

At Eccelsa Aviation’s luxury private terminal, elegant wooden panels, reminiscent of a sailing-boat interior, display the different Regatta events organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and sponsored by Rolex. The world-renowned brand also displays its beautiful timepieces on Eccelsa’s walls. The official magazine of Costa Smeralda, COAST – a glamorous Italian, English and Russian-language publication that’s a real vademecum of events and places – is distributed in the arrivals hall. Here, travellers can reserve nights out in hip clubs, should they feel inclined to make the most of their luxury Mediterranean break by sampling Costa Smeralda’s nightlife.

Eccelsa Aviation makes it easier to reach any spot in the Costa Smeralda – and in a more memorable fashion. Thanks to the organisational skills of the Eccelsa staff, the whole process runs like clockwork. The 40-strong team is not only highly experienced but also adept at meeting even the most demanding requests.

Ferraris to helicopters
Start your holiday with an aircraft-side welcome from a well-groomed greeter, proficient in several languages, who, when the aeroplane can’t be parked right by the terminal, will drive you there in a sleek Audi. Passengers may then continue on to their final destination riding in a roaring Ferrari California or Maserati Cabrio on the panoramic road leading to Costa Smeralda, perhaps even driving on the same road to Porto Cervo where James Bond was pursued in an acrobatic race in The Spy Who Loved Me. If the Ferrari is deemed too sporty, the timeless comfort of an Aston Martin or a Bentley are also at hand.

Ferrari and Audi parked outside Eccelsa Aviation's private terminal at Sardegna Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
Guests arriving at Eccelsa Aviation’s private terminal can choose to explore Costa Smeralda in a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Bentley. Private chauffeurs are also available for those who want to sit back and relax

For those who don’t want to drive, Eccelsa Aviation can reserve a luxury car with chauffeur, or luxury minivan when travelling with friends or family. And when you’re tired of the road, or feel like impressing guests with an original introduction to Costa Smeralda, Eccelsa Aviation can book a helicopter for a short but stunning flight over majestic granite mountains, golden hills, white beaches and the blue sea.

If you’re considering Sardegna as the starting point for a private cruise in the Mediterranean, look no further. Eccelsa Aviation is less than a five-minute drive from the brand new Marina di Olbia, and its concierge can arrange for a bareboat or skippered yacht charter.

Eccelsa Aviation has put just as much attention into passengers’ first steps on the ground. The company’s 4,500sq ft executive terminal has been conceived as a perfect transition space between air and ground. White roofs extend out like the wings of an aircraft, providing shade from the summer sun, while the yellowish granite stones typical of northern Sardegna isolate the inner space, keeping the temperature cool. Large crystal glass panels – the same green as the sea that gave the Emerald Coast its name – provide a view over Eccelsa Aviation’s 10 hectares.

Here, every summer, private 747s, Airbus 340 as well as Boeings 767s and 777s, sit quietly at night forming a stunning scenery of amazing machines waiting for another day of flight.

Luxurious interior
Inside the terminal, patrons of Eccelsa Aviation can dine at Cortesa Restaurant, enjoy an Italian espresso at the Lounge Bar, or relax in one of the waiting lounges. There are also plenty of shopping options: jewellery by Swiss DeGrisogono; clothing by Paduan Royal Cashmere, and Brunello Cuccinelli, sold by Ambrosio Boutique; luxury eyewear by Priarone Shop; or food, quality wines and spirits, and handiwork from the island, at Kara Sardegna Shop. The designer terminal also boasts a feature that makes it unique in Europe – a special canopy allowing passengers to enter and leave the terminal directly from their aircraft in total comfort, privacy, and security.

Eccelsa Aviation can book a helicopter for a short but stunning flight over majestic granite mountains, golden hills, white beaches and the blue sea

At Eccelsa Aviation patrons will also find all that is needed for their onward journey. It could be first-class technical assistance, supplied by Meridiana Maintenance, for their current aircraft; counselling for their next aircraft purchase, delivered by Bombardier, which has a special boutique at the terminal; or an aircraft charter.

Of course, Eccelsa Aviation has thought about in-flight catering too. Orders can be made from over 100 menu choices ranging from simple finger sandwiches to lobster. Food can also be prepared to individual requirements, based on the passenger’s taste and needs.

Eccelsa Aviation is one of the reasons why people who like holidaying in truly special locations have chosen to visit Costa Smeralda during the 50 years of its lifetime. The service is first-class, tailored to individual needs, and delivered with a natural charm and absolute respect for travellers’ privacy. Eccelsa Aviation gives people a reason to keep coming back to the Costa Smerelda for another 50 years to come.

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