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10 best mobile apps for business travellers

There’s an ever-expanding library of apps out there, just waiting to make travel easier. We bring you the best of the bunch

A Person Using The Uber App
A person using the Uber app. Uber is among our pick of the ten best apps for business travellers 

From getting a taxi to keeping track of new business contacts, we have rounded up the ten best mobile apps to help your business trip go smoothly.

Expensify: free

Effortlessly track all your expenses from a single app. By uploading your credit card details, Expensify will add each transaction as you go (including mileage and times, where appropriate). The app then compiles a simple report at the end of your trip, and will even email it to you in PDF format.

Mynd Calendar: free

This clever mobile calendar acts as a virtual assistant, syncing seamlessly with your existing apps to generate a summary of your day, complete with weather forecast and planned mileage. Plus, it gets smarter as you use it – within a week, Mynd will have learnt your daily commute and regular meeting spots.

CardMunch: free

With CardMunch you’ll never lose a business card again. Use this handy app to take a photo of the card, and a mobile contact will be created for that person. Since it’s owned by business networking site LinkedIn, information from that person’s account will also sync to the contact.

Uber: free

Uber uses GPS, allowing you to request a driver at the tap of a finger. In more than 40 countries worldwide, you can also compare rates and get real-time fare quotes, track your driver’s location, and use PayPal or a credit card to make in-app payments – so there’s no need to carry cash.

TurboScan: £1.99

TurboScan turns your phone into a multipage scanner for documents, receipts, or whatever else you fancy. Take a photo of the document and the app auto-detects the document’s edges, straightens it and sets the correct contrast and brightness. You can then store or email them as PDF or JPEG files.

LoungeBuddy: free

Your airport lounge companion; supporting over 500 airports worldwide, LoungeBuddy gives you access to prices, photos and reviews of 1900+ lounges around the world, then uses GPS to tell you how long the walk will take. Lounge access can even be purchased through the app in certain regions.

StoryDesk: free

Promising to make professional life easier, StoryDesk can benefit anyone looking to create and deliver quality presentations on the road, by letting you cut and paste text and images into its readymade templates. Plus, most of it can be used offline, so it’s perfect for utilising valuable time spent in transit.

Viber: free

Viber allows you to make free calls and send texts to any device, on any network and in any country using 3G or WiFi. It detects which of your contacts are using the app, and similarly to Skype, also allows you to call mobiles or landlines at a reduced rate.

AwardWallet: free

Reward schemes are great for the frequent traveller – if you can keep track of them. AwardWallet grants quick access to all your balances even without an internet connection. The app currently supports 632 loyalty programmes worldwide, and will notify you if your points are due to expire soon.

SignEasy: free

SignEasy renders the trusty but somewhat outdated fax machine obsolete. With this app, you can sign documents in a variety of formats in less than 60 seconds. Although it’s free to download, there are in-app charges – £20.99 will buy you unlimited document credits for the year.

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