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InterContinental Amman Jordan

BEST BUSINESS HOTELammanwww.ihg.com/intercontinental/hotelsTel: +962 6 4641361

InterContinental Amman Jordan

BEST BUSINESS HOTELammanwww.ihg.com/intercontinental/hotelsTel: +962 6 4641361

Jordan Tower Hotel

BEST BUDGET ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERammanwww.jordantoweramman.comTel: +962 6 4614161

Event hosting in Jordan

Located at the lowest point on earth, the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre, managed by Hilton, nestles on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, offering unrivalled levels of business professionalism.

200th years of Petra, Jordan

Despite some impressive trade relations over the past decade, Jordan remains at odds with economic and political reform. Can the Arab Spring provide the impetus for King Abdullah II to inaugurate real and lasting change? James Essinger reports


A stone’s throw from the holy city of Jerusalem, Jordan is a land steeped in history, religious or otherwise. Periods of Greek and Roman conquest preceded the Byzantine period and Crusades; castles and carvings from all eras litter this wondrous Arabian landscape. Perhaps the most famous is Petra, a rock-carved metropolis described as “rose-red city […]

The North Korean army displays its infamous goose step march

Why tourists continue to be drawn to North Korea

North Korea is a notoriously illiberal regime that is known to be a dangerous place for foreigners, yet people continue to choose it as a holiday destination.

Saudi Arabia embraces a life beyond oil

In the face of the global oil price collapse, Saudi Arabia is finally beginning to explore opportunities in its neglected tourism industry

Passengers have their temperature checked by airport staff as part of preventive measures taken against the spread of MERS

Fighting against MERS

The recent MERS outbreak has reminded South Korea that its newfound status as an emerging hub for corporate travel is teetering on a knife-edge

Destinations such as Cuba, Colombia, Burma, Mexico, Brazil and Jordan have become more popular with tourists as adventure travel rises

Adventure tourism grows in popularity

Adventure travel is booming and the industry is adapting accordingly. Laura French looks at whether this change in approach could spell the death of traditional family holidays

All eyes on Sri Lanka

From the ashes of a bloody civil war, modern Sri Lanka was born. Today it is one of the most promising business destinations in Asia, with unprecedented growth and plenty of opportunity. Rita Lobo looks at the long road from war to riches