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A closer look at Spain and Portugal’s property markets

It’s always a good idea to research the market of your potential new location before going on an overseas viewing trip. Property Guides takes a look at the property markets of Spain and Portugal

Why the happiest expats can be found in Spain

Laura Richards, Country Manager at the Spain Buying Guide, rounds up some of the reasons why Spain is one of the top destinations for British expats

Skiers head to Spain

Once recognised only as a summertime destination, Spain is now unexpectedly making a name for itself as a hub for winter tourism, thanks to a relatively unknown ski resort in the Pyrenees

The reign of Spain

With its numerous wine producing regions and ideal climate, Spain is asserting itself as a major player amongst European vineyards

Spain’s allure

One of the more popular destinations in Europe, both Madrid and Barcelona are distinctive in what they have to offer for the roaming tourist. We survey two cities at the heart of Spain’s synergies and contradictions


A diverse country of lush green valleys, dusty mountains, sun-soaked beaches and rolling, arid plains, Spain is an amalgamation of smaller principalities, from Catalonia in the south to the Basque country in the north. All told, there are seven recognised regional languages, and the influence of these subcultures can be seen clearly throughout the country. […]


As one of the oldest countries in the world, Portugal can offer business travellers much more than the average tourist destination

Madrid successfully combines business with pleasure

The Spanish capital is seeing a surge in interest from business and leisure travellers alike, as more people are drawn to its collection of exemplary hotels, restaurants and cultural attractions

Hilton Worldwide returns to Morocco

Hilton marks its arrival in Morocco with the Hilton Garden Inn Tanger City Centre – one of its finest offerings in the entire region