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Scandinavian style makes waves across the globe

Scandinavian designers are in – the cool, understated elegance of Nordic brands are a must-have in everyone’s closest. Affordable yet high-quality fashion are setting these designers apart from the pack

Stretching some 11,000sq km, Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat on the planet. During the wet season, a thin layer of water sits upon the ground’s surface and acts as a gigantic mirror

Top 6 destinations for photography enthusiasts

From Instagram devotees to photography hobbyists and all the wanderlust-filled travellers in between, more people are heading to locations known for their photographic potential

Aarhus' year as European Capital of Culture has been a huge success, bringing enjoyment to locals and visitors alike. The challenge now is turning these short-term successes into long-term gains that every citizen can benefit from

Aarhus finds success as European Capital of Culture

Last year, Aarhus became the European Capital of Culture. While previous hosts have struggled to unite their citizens behind the year-long programme, the city created a scheme all its residents could share in

Oulu's area’s long association with hi-tech businesses means it is able to attract its fair share of experienced professionals

Oulu is a Finnish brain belt

With a number of world-class tourist attractions and two universities supplying a raft of talented job candidates, the city of Oulu is the perfect destination for work or pleasure


Finding new, affordable destinations has become one of the meeting industry’s highest priorities. This is something Riga is more than capable of delivering

Meeting on the high seas

Meeting on the high seas

Event organisers are just now opening their eyes to the benefits conferences and incentives at sea can bring to their businesses

Iceland’s tourism boom

Iceland’s tourism boom

Since the 2008 financial crisis, Iceland has emerged as a tourism powerhouse that is captivating visitors with its breathtaking landscapes. However, the country’s tourism explosion will not be sustainable unless it is effectively managed

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland's most famous geothermal spas. The country's vast offering of natural sites continues to attract leisure and business travellers

Why Iceland’s natural energy makes it an ideal conference location

Offering a spectacular programme of outdoor activities amid stunning natural sites, the Icelandic capital is ideally suited for corporate events – and with a location between Europe and North America, it’s closer than many people think


Offering award-winning hotels just metres from a plethora of arctic adventures, Luleå is a compact city in northern Sweden where the majority of attractions are always just seven minutes away

Riga has become a hotspot for business travellers, with more than 80 hotels and a development plan underway to expand its the city's capacity

Riga: a hotspot for business travellers

Riga is one of Europe’s fastest emerging locations for business, boasting over 800 years of unique national history and a rapidly developing corporate sector