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Santiago: South America’s home for business

Santiago: South America’s home for business

With an improving infrastructure, fine food and a growing reputation for events, the Chilean capital is quickly becoming South America’s business hub

Love him or hate him, American Apparel’s Dov Charney has talent

Everything about American Apparel’s founder Dov Charney oozes controversy. From his war against outsourced labour to daring marketing campaigns, Charney has spent the last decade honing a bold, sink-or-swim management style. And it’s starting to land him in hot water

Latin fever with Air Europa

Offering flights to Uruguay, Cuba, Bolivia and more, our Best Economy Airline, South America, 2013, Air Europa provides smooth connections at great value, acting as an ideal gateway to an increasingly popular part of the world

Conferencing in South America takes off

South America is a rising star on the radar of the international conference industry. The continent’s stunning natural scenery is increasingly being matched by equally impressive conference facilities, often comparable to the best in the world. RioCentro, Brazil RioCentro is, as the name suggests, situated in the internationally renowned city of Rio de Janeiro. When […]

What lies ahead for Sino-American trade?

Its culture may value modesty, but China’s suppression of the yuan is ruffling more than a few feathers in the west. Michael Gardner investigates the cat-and-mouse politics of Sino-American trade

Latin liaisons

The cities of Brazil offer a wealth of sophisticated conference facilities alongside vibrant traditions, we find out why Brazil has been named Best Destination for MICE and Best Destination for Cultural Tourism in South America

Art Basel, Hong Kong

Cultural events to enjoy in spring 2019

Spring 2019 brings with it a host of cultural events, from Latin America’s biggest celebration to a day of filial piety in China

El Dorado International Airport, which is based in Colombia. After a $1.2bn investment, the airport is being completely renovated and modernised

The El Dorado International Airport gets a makeover

Currently undergoing an immense renovation, the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia strives to provide the very best airport experience in Latin America

Back to Cali

A fresh Latin American site for conferences, exhibitions, and meetings in the midst of impressive landscapes, Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico is emerging as a strong contender in the events market

Air Europa’s intercontinental reputation

With its impressive range of premium aircraft and a ground support network that is second to none, Air Europa is the obvious choice for travel between Europe and Latin America

Graham Green: our man around the globe

He is often cited as one of the greatest writers of the last century, but Graham Greene’s life was even more fascinating than his works of fiction