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The Soufrière Hills volcano erupted in 1997, burying Montserrat's capital city in ash. The volcano is now a popular tourist attraction.

Montserrat: the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle

Montserrat boasts a colourful history and many unique attractions. The island’s lush green scenery, spectacular coastal vistas and friendly residents will make you want to visit again and again

The natural beauty and cultural offerings of Trinidad and Tobago has long made the country a popular destination for tourists

The Caribbean gateway of Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean has long been popular among leisure tourists, but the economic prowess of Trinidad and Tobago has begun to draw in a different breed of traveller

The Caribbean island of St Eustatius offers unspoiled landscapes and peaceful beaches. Credit: Cees Timmers

True Caribbean paradise: Statia Island

Untouched by resort tourism, the beautiful, historically rich Caribbean island of St Eustatius remains a pure paradise

Exploring Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance

The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence is famed for its Renaissance art and architecture. Between trips to the Duomo and traditional trattorias, visitors can venture into the city’s more modern watering holes

Graham Green: our man around the globe

He is often cited as one of the greatest writers of the last century, but Graham Greene’s life was even more fascinating than his works of fiction

Oversupply is causing coffee prices to plummet

Times are tough for coffee growers in South America. After prices hit a 15-year low in May 2019, many of the region’s farmers are starting to question whether the industry can still provide a sustainable livelihood

Guyana appeals to North American tourists

Despite its many wonders, Guyana is not as well known as its larger South American neighbours. But efforts to market the country to North American tourists mean that visitor numbers are set to rise

Because of its vast size, the US is home to several destinations that are both in danger of disappearing and have seen increased traffic. Glacier National Park in Montana is one such destination

Last chance destinations: here today, gone tomorrow

Many destinations are under threat from climate change, prompting tourists to make ‘last chance’ trips before the option is taken away. But the trend is only speeding up the rate at which such destinations are being lost