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The Royal Senchi, developed on 35 acres of lush greenery along the bank of the Volta River, is one of West Africa’s most romantic hotel destinations.

Experiencing hospitality in the gateway to West Africa

As one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, Ghana presents visitors with a range of ways to enjoy the country’s many assets

Diamonds Dream of Africa

BEST LUXURY SPA RESORTMaliniwww.johansens.comTel: +44 020 7499 9080

African Regent Hotel

By remaining loyal to its traditional roots and embracing the unique features of African culture, the African Regent Hotel has become the first stop for business and leisure travellers visiting Ghana

Sub-Saharan Africa's middle class has grown substantially thanks to interrelated factors such as strong economic growth, high commodity prices and relative political stability

Africa’s middle class is on the rise

An emerging middle class in sub-Saharan Africa means more opportunities for Western firms, though there are many pitfalls for those unfamiliar with the market

of a cave in South Africa's Drakensberg mountains. The paintings may have been made at least 2,000 years ago. The images are typical of scenes involving shamanism

TARA casts a light on Africa’s rock art

David Coulson has dedicated two decades to finding, documenting and sharing some of Africa’s most fascinating rock art. Now The British Museum is about to take his work one step further