Autumn 2018

Tel Aviv Convention Centre

The Tel Aviv Convention Centre attracts many international and domestic visitors thanks to its striking architecture and huge capacity for events

The city of Tel Aviv is known as one of the most vibrant in the Middle East, with its thriving start-up scene, warm climate and sophisticated culture. One venue that has spurred on the country’s business scene and boosted its tourism sector is the Tel Aviv Convention Centre, which is one of the largest and most technologically advanced event sites in the country.

The centre has experience hosting concerts, international conventions, sports events, exhibitions and stage performances. Built on a 50,000sq m plot, the centre comprises three main pavilions, a number of smaller pavilions and a 17,500sq m outdoor events area. It attracts more than 2.5 million visitors every year.

The centre was established in the 1920s, before Israel even became its own state, with the opening ceremony held in 1933. The building is now regarded as one of the greatest modern architectural feats in Israel, due to its enormous size, well-maintained gardens and striking features.

The Tel Aviv Convention Centre is an extremely flexible event space, as it can be easily repurposed depending on the scale and complexity of the occasion

A seamless experience
The Tel Aviv Convention Centre is an extremely flexible event space, as it can be easily repurposed depending on the scale and complexity of the occasion. It offers 25,000sq m of canopied exhibition space that is split into eight pavilions of different sizes. There is also plenty of parking for attendees at the centre, with around 2,200 parking spaces on site as well as 2,000 additional spots available at a nearby venue.

In terms of technological facilities, the Tel Aviv Convention Centre provides seamless Wi-Fi and has strong audiovisual capabilities. The site has its own maintenance team that ensures the building operates in a smooth and effective way at all times.

The managers of the Tel Aviv Convention Centre always place their guests’ safety as their top priority and ensure that a safety engineer and electrical engineer approve every event.

The centre already has some spectacular events lined up for the end of the year, including the Fun Expo, which is the biggest professional event for organisers of recreational, cultural and entertainment programmes.

The centre is also playing host to the European Judo Championships, as well as the HLS and Cyber Conference, where decision-makers from around the globe meet to discuss homeland and cybersecurity, in November. For the last 15 years, the centre has welcomed the Agritech and WATEC Conferences through its doors; it will do the same in 2018.

Always improving
Those in charge of the Tel Aviv Convention Centre are ambitious about its future. In 2010, the construction of a new pavilion began. Nearly five years and ILS 350m ($96m) later, the complex and expansive pavilion opened.

The new space allowed the Tel Aviv Convention Centre to increase its capacity and diversify the portfolio of events it offered. What’s more, a new construction project is currently underway in front of the entrance plaza.

The development will see the centre offer new leisure and entertainment options, including five new restaurants and coffee shops. The centre also has plans to build an onsite hotel that will accommodate local and international visitors and exhibitors.

Visitors will find that the Tel Aviv Convention Centre is located in a convenient part of the city, with hotels, restaurants and other attractions all nearby. With its grand visions for the future and top-class hospitality, the Tel Aviv Convention Centre looks to improve its standing as an event space in the coming years and continue to bring excellent events to its clients.