Autumn 2018

SwissTech Convention Centre

The SwissTech Convention Centre is a prime venue in which to hold an event thanks to its modern facilities, magnificent appearance and well-connected location

With its beautiful mountains, awe-inspiring hiking paths and modern lifestyle, Switzerland has become a coveted destination for many travellers, whether they are visiting the country for work or pleasure. The nation is a popular choice for business events due to its central location in Europe and long history of hosting conventions of global importance, such as the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos.

A firm favourite for corporate events is the SwissTech Convention Centre, which was opened in April 2014 and is currently one of the largest meeting spaces in the Lake Geneva area. The easily accessible venue is only a short trip from both Geneva and Zurich airports, making it an ideal location for international visitors.

Based on the campus of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the SwissTech Convention Centre boasts a striking modern structure that allows plenty of natural light into the main room. Designed by architectural firm Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés, the building is a feat of sustainable architecture.

The SwissTech Convention Centre offers an online tool that allows visitors to tailor their event to their exact needs, depending on its size, type and duration

The firm made the innovative decision to cover the west facade of the building with panels of dye-sensitised solar cells, which are an extremely efficient solar technology. But this is not the only sustainable architecture in the SwissTech Convention Centre; lake water is used to heat and cool the building.

Always adaptable
The SwissTech Convention Centre offers an online tool that allows visitors to tailor their event to their exact needs, depending on its size, type and duration. Whether they’re hosting a gala, seminar or international conference, event organisers will find a space to suit them. The whole centre fits up to 3,000 people and can be booked for up to 10 days.

What makes the SwissTech Convention Centre so easy to adapt is its modular auditoriums, where seats can be added or removed, depending on the numbers of attendees for an event.

Each space in the SwissTech Convention Centre has advanced technological capacities; parts of the building can be made to vibrate to add extra effect if the venue is hired out for a music event. The venue also offers translation services, live streaming, voting technology and personalised lighting and sound effects.

The team at the SwissTech Convention Centre is extensive, comprising events managers, audiovisual experts and technical specialists. The team is available to help with every aspect of an event, whether it’s the budget, security, transport, furniture, concept or management.

Eat well, meet well
In addition to all of these facilities, the centre offers catering services created by fine dining experts Eldora Traiteur. The caterer never fails to impress diners with its high-quality and original cuisine made with fresh, seasonal products. Every menu is personalised for each event.

When attendees are not enjoying the striking architecture of the SwissTech Convention Centre, they can head out to explore the local area. Nearby, they will find enticing restaurants such as La Table de Vallotton by Shangri La, along with comfortable hotels in which to stay.

Since its inception, the SwissTech Convention Centre has played host to many outstanding events. Just last year, the International Olympic Committee met at the venue to discuss the 2024 Summer Olympics, with Emmanuel Macron in attendance. The location also holds regular conferences, such as the Brain Forum. With its excellent capacity, technology and team, the SwissTech Convention Centre looks set to welcome even more special occasions in years to come.